1. Here are Ryan Hall’s 5K and 10K splits during the 2011. Boston Marathon:
    1st 5K split: 14:29
    1st 10K split: 29:06

  2. Just ran my 1st Marathon – The San Francisco Marathon #SFM2012 -It was EPIC [And I Youtube video documented the entire 1 year of training runs] However, I could of used some of your advise. Congrats on your achievements!

  3. Have white people never heard of sunblock

  4. wow, that was actually the most impressive internet comment I’ve ever seen. Well done @kteaguezot

  5. He probably wears sunblock

  6. Sorry where is the advice ?

  7. if you worried about cancer and any for that matter any and all degenerative disease i very highly recommend reading a book called, ‘the china study’. you can get it on amazon.

  8. that mountain in the background is fake, right? :O

  9. this guys times are unbelievable!!

  10. And why is that? More sunscreen, more “protective shirts” etc.. but more melanoma… it’s not the sun causing it that’s for sure. Consider the majority of the time the people with melanoma have it on relatively unexposed body parts. Also in lab studies they were unable to reproduce melanoma from UV rays, indicating that UV rays do NOT cause the cancer.

  11. You’re definitely right, those are other things to think about for sure…regardless, though, you’re incorrect. Melanoma rates have been rising drastically.

  12. worry more about your diet than the sun, the chemicals in the shirt leaking into your skin, the sunscreen you use, your deodorant etc… you get more exposure to cancer causing elements in your daily life than you ever will running naked.

  13. I feal sorry for you but I don’t think these guys go running in the desert without sunscreen!

  14. is that not the weakest of all cancers. but none the less its a good idea to wear a shirt and sunscreen.

  15. IF you always wear a shirt then you’ll have problems when you try to go shirtless, but if you’re used to it, then you’ll be fine. The same way you never have to cover your legs or arms.

  16. Except for Bekele. Bekele has only failed once but in his defence he was coming back from an injury and ran a worlds best a few weeks later.

  17. How can you crap on a guy that has run 2:04 in the marathon and is basically a guarantee to break 2:10 every race? If beating the Kenyans is the only true measure of success, then WE ARE ALL FAILURES.

  18. I bet he’s running a 6 min pace right there lol

  19. You do have a Valid point and I have noticed and asked the same questions

  20. Congrats to Olympian Ryan Hall! Good luck at the Summer Games in London. I’ll be cheering for you and Meb.

  21. running on the side of the road like that will blow your knees and hips out due to the camber of the road

  22. Or just wear sunblock

  23. American hero Ryan Hall.

  24. Get a job, hippie. Or go kill yourself.

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