1. Great tips Sara!!! 🙂 

  2. Absolutely correct Rogero. i salute you.

  3. Good advice. Why not listen to her? Her husband is the fastest American
    born distance runner, so I’m sure they talk about this a lot. Besides,
    she’s SMOKING HOT! ! 😉

  4. 1.) Chug some “muscle milk” 2.) Keep a 4:30 pace throughout the marathon,
    by the power of the milk. 3.) Use your lower diaphragm to eject the milk,
    record the distance.

  5. I’ve never heard of a 70 year old running a 2:15 marathon. lol

  6. She has really nice teeth.

  7. She is giving tips on running a half marathon….

  8. The title of the video is misleading. There is no training tips in this
    video. The title should say ‘Top 5 tips for a half marathon’. However,
    there are some good advices given 🙂

  9. thanks sara – great tips – can concur with Nr 5 on negative splits – made
    the mistake in the Reading Half a couple of years ago of running too fast
    in the first 6 miles – last 2 miles I felt like I was going to die and the
    70 yr old 2:15 pacemaker I should have been sticking with in the first half
    glided past me! Two lessons learnt – 1) don’t run out too fast and 2) the
    guy running next to you in his 60s? He’s likely to beat you.

  10. “Reading Half”. Half is the key here i thinks.

  11. Thank you for your suggestions.

  12. Thanks for the advice !(:

  13. She never ran a full marathon in her life.

  14. I’m confused why she is giving Half Marathon tips…Has she ever run a half

  15. sugar fest !!!! so wrong

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