1. Just ran my 1st Marathon – The San Francisco Marathon #SFM2012 -It was EPIC [And I Youtube video documented the entire 1 year of training runs] However, I could of used some of your advise. Congrats on your achievements!

  2. i know, i just think she was in no way ready

  3. could u do a what i eat in a day?(:

  4. she’s already done the half marathon months ago! 

  5. no offense but… don’t you think you would be better suited for like a 5k? maybe not even…. i’m sorry but you’re just too much of a beginner i think, to be taking on a half marathon.

  6. You look like Belle:)

  7. Hey, can you wrap me a Present?……My birthday is coming up!! 🙂  Nice tips btw………so how is your stress fracture?……i had mine in my right 3rd n 4th metatarsal….figured out from abrupt change of my running surface..beach sand running/road running the next day AND running on expired running shoes!!! Good Luck to you!! and Keep on Running!!

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful info. I had a good time and learnt a lot myself. I’m glad you talked about Garmin 610 b’coz I wanted to hear some review about it from the user. Thanks.

  9. Hey Jen when will you be in Disney? I am going to Disney very soon so let me know maybe we could meet up! I would love to say hello in person and thank you for all the inspiration! 🙂

  10. I would love to see a vlog of the race. I am a runner and a few friends of mine have ran the disney race. I’ve never ran it but would love to see it!

  11. Hi there, I’m kind of lackadaisical with my yoga practice, (disclaimer if you’re a newb at it then I recommend going to some classes first so you have a pro there to spot you and make sure you’re doing everything correctly) but when I do yoga I like yogatoday(dot)com. They have a paid membership for $10 a month and you have access to all the classes they’ve filmed or for the free membership there’s a new class posted each week and you can play that as many times as you want. HTH

  12. Yes, would really love to see your stretching routine. Even if you just do a quick demo of each exercize.

  13. i hate running lol but after this it makes me want to try…

  14. Loved ur video Jen, At one time I was running 8 mi a day,training for a 20K maraton,its been years since I ran,I hurt my knee.I know what u mean with the mind games,now that I have seen your video+rather than packing it in on the running for life…I’m going to try to re-address my thoughts and take it slow and maybe not over do it and if and when I do happen to injure myself I will see a professional to help me get back on track I was younger then + full of energy + I felt the best of my life!

  15. Do watch Amarixe? She’s a beauty blogger but she does some running videos on “AllisonVlogs” which I think you’d really like if you haven’t already seen them 🙂 xx

  16. Oh, I thought perhaps you did yoga at home and had a certain routine or certain poses you find helpful. I’m just trying to get back into practicing yoga myself :)

  17. Um…probably not…that makes me nervous for whatever reason.  I’ll try to find a good link on YT to share

  18. Aww that’s so sweet – thank you!

  19. I don’t think I’ll be filming during the actual race, but Don might film pre & post race for me & I’ll probably vlog about my experience afterwards

  20. ell, I go to classes so I’m not sure what I’d film for that. I can’t bring a camera to class…what do you mean?

  21. I started out by running 2 miles, then bumped it up to 3. After I felt good at 3 miles, I started upping the minutes, and so on and so forth…

  22. Thursdays and Saturdays are for strength & cardio cross training. I also take a very easy going yoga class on Fridays after my hard runs. Mondays are my day off for the time being but once I’m back from Disney I plan on returning to my Monday zumba class.

  23. That video is uploading today! The biggest changes have been in muscle soreness, really. I’ve always been very active and replaced other cardio with running so I haven’t lost or gained any weight with the training.

  24. I don’t know much about reflective gear…I’ll let you know if I ever come across some I like

  25. You can do it! I recommend scheduling your runs into your calendar just like any other appointment or meeting.

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