1. This isn't even that good and please don't call but I have set up a try like this before and I'm 13 so it's not that great

  2. Interesting, not great and certainly not Rugby. 

  3. rugby league scum

  4. That was beast!

  5. Leauge: run, get tackled 5 times kick, run, get tackled 5 times kick and so on
    Union: Awesome

  6. lets see now, rugby union players are known for being great sportsmen while rugby league players are known for rape and snorting coke. master race you lads.

  7. You are no judge, something you are at pains to show.

  8. Yet clearly union does not require much more tactical play. Union has to satisfy itself with pretending restarts are actual rugby and the bit between them, running the ball is something beyond them. Tactics! Nonsense! The goal of Rugby is to score more than the opposition RL does it with tries, RU does it with penalties, your tactics are poor.

  9. You are stupid and do you not understand why personal preference is saying nothing whatsoever. Why not in future say nothing whatsoever and cut to the chase.

  10. Which game is designed for Victorian school children and which was designed for sportsmen? Which was designed to produced running rugby as standard and which can only aspire to that? Which only exists now because of social bigotry, corruption and banning it's own players from the other for a century. Which has more tries, more runs, more tackles, more all round skills? Which has more penalties, stoppages, kicked points, poorly skilled players?

  11. Really? Just no decent points or reasons produced? Or is that just your reasoning.

  12. You need no brains to think kicking out on the full is a skill! In Union you applaud this and gain advantage. In Rugby League you are penalised! Why? Because RL is designed by sportsmen and RU by Victorian schoolboys. Only idiots kick the ball into the crowd and believe it is a skill.

  13. Union is a game for those who think lineouts, and collapsed scrums are strategy. For those who appreciate non competition aka the mark as the only solution to attacking play. For those who think kicking the ball out on the full is a skill. And for those who think spending 45 minutes out of 80 walking around waiting for something to happen is sport. Union less tries, passes, skill, and tactics but more penalties and collapsed scrums.
    Union = applauding unevolved, turgid mediocrity!

  14. RL – skilled players no doubt but what a dull, dull game. The scrum is a joke and merely a means of restarting a game as opposed to winning it. State of Origin is magnificent but 99% of the sport is turgid beyond belief and appeals to those with an attention span of a goldfish. You don't like kick and clap? Well, stick to your human game of draughts for folk with with an average IQ of a squashed echidna. Union – a game for people with er, a brain.

  15. not only a great try a great conversion

  16. interesting from an historical perspective but I can't see anyone watching the full game with a cool beverage and a sandwich and enjoying anything but the beverage and sandwich. The number of whistles is enormous. To think of the games RL was putting on even 10 years before such as the battle of Brisbane. You are right about the highlights. It is probably the reason 7's Union is so popular it removes the need for 90% of Union.

  17. painful, very painful to watch. You can see why RL needed to make the changes.

  18. but the ball looks like it was well over the dead ball line whilst in mid air? or does that not count as out?

  19. The real "Rugby" from Rugby school has little to do with modern Union. In fact if one code borrows from the other then it is Union from League. Although Union has kept to the requirement for not requiring any entertainment just like the school ground original.

  20. is "intensity" code for immovable phase after phase resulting in the hope for a penalty.

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