1. What is most remarkable about this try was, of course, that the greatest player ever to grace a rugby pitch, the incomparable CMH 'Mike' Gibson, who appeared at centre for the Baa-Baas that day, did not even have a hand in the try……

  2. What an unforgettable moment in sporting history

  3. See them every week in rugby league sorry to say.great try though.

  4. Yes, those head high All Black tackles would have stopped the game dead in its tracks these days

  5. How dirty were the New Zealanders in this short clip?

  6. Jesus christ, incredible….

  7. I love the way they final pass is almost hung there almost without looking.

  8. I saw at least 2 infringements by AB's going unpunished. Guess not much has changed since.

  9. Actually saw it live and still I get emotional seeing it again. What fabulous rugby. I come back to watch it once a year at least.

  10. Damn i started watching this video without understanding anything and i finished clapping they

  11. Pretty fuckin' alright!

  12. I believe this match was screened live on BBC Grandstand that day back in January 1973

  13. Unbelievable!!

  14. What a lot of crap.No way that even comes close to being the best try of all time.

  15. Two things…JPR gets two high tackles in this sequence and doesn’t bat an eyelid, Phil Bennett’s sidestep ?. The two guys who made me want to play rugby, and I’m ???????.

  16. How can a try in an exhibition game be classed as the best try ever scored. In a serious International Bennett would hoofed it out of play.

  17. The greatest try ever period

  18. Typical All Blacks. Dirty play after dirty play, high tackle after high tackle, thug hit after thug hit.

  19. A few of the high tackles here and you would be seeing a red card these days. Without doubt one of the standout sporting moments of the 20th century, along with Carlos Alberto's goal from the 1970 world cup,Arkle at Cheltenham, Shergars derby win…..When we are no longer on this planet future generations will have the joy of seeing these for the first time and watch them as often as I have.

  20. Could never do it in games that matter, only in meaningless exhibitions

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