1. Thanks for all your great videos Harley! ^_^

  2. I have a question, and it might seem stupid so excuse me if it is haha. Whats the difference between going to bed “early” at 9 pm and waking up at 9 am vs. going to bed late at 11 pm and waking up at 11 am. ? You still get the good 12 hours of sleep, so is there a difference? Thanks!

  3. Most mammals can sweat, but they usually to rely on other methods (such as panting, swimming, burrowing, or simply sleeping through the day in a shady place) to deal with heat, as their sweat alone tends not to be enough to keep them cool. So, yeah, practically.

  4. sorry for my ignorance, but do deer not sweat?

  5. One of the most fascinating characteristics about human beings is sweat. You can literally run a deer to death, but you will never run a human to death unless they have a health condition. As long as you keep yourself hydrated, you can go all day. 😀

  6. ok cool!

  7. I hear you bro. For sure I could bust out a 100miler but the chances of me getting injured from such lack of training would be so high it wouldnt be worth it.

    We will do that interview soon. 🙂 Im on an international flight tomorrow.

  8. “Sorry, interruptions….chicks, you know how it is.” LMAO

  9. you need a whip. a vegan whip.

  10. 2.”cont” missing the pass time by 15 minutes. because of the harsh and low visibility conditions most of the troop didn’t make the pass time so we did the whole thing again 2 days later on road. The only issue I had was blisters. If I had the choice give me an ultra marathon any day over this. I think you underestimate your abilities Harley. My main fuel while running was a 2 litre bottle of coca cola btw. ; )

  11. in the Royal Marines Commandos we do the commando tests after 27 weeks of very intense training, which includes a 30 mile non stop run over hilly cross country terrain in boots carrying 40lbs of equipment. Not everyone makes the grade and some do get stress fractures, but it is possible to go from being your average Joe running 5 miles a day to passing these extreme tests with 6 or 7 months training. I did mine in minus 17 degree freezing thick fog went off course and did 38 miles, “continued”

  12. yay~ more videos Harley….

  13. Amy Winehouse. Shame.

  14. well if you if get to stiff of a neck from being on the computer or tight abs like you were saying, then some basic yoga is the key to reverse bad postures. peace

  15. I guess some of the positions we use could be defined as ‘yogic’. 😉

  16. The reason you smoke is cos it raises your blood sugar. When you eat enough carbs AND get the early nights, keep fat intake MEGA low, your not going to want to smoke.

    Im yet to see an exception.

    Fasting doesnt do shit for bad habits IMHO. All those that get benefits fuck it up when they get home cos they go back to the same shit again.

    Take an obese person and put em in my lifestyle and they will end up ripped as me but if they dont keep fueled up, they will bomb out QUICK!

  17. LOL Hey Free don’t let him shush you!! :))

  18. I need to do more running……….maybe tomorrow….goodnight…..sweet dreams everyone~~~

  19. I enjoy running a bit too……….i love that runners high too…..but it only lasts a few seconds…..may be 10-15 seconds for me……..jogging or running…….

  20. Hey Harley do you do yoga in the morning?

  21. Hey Harley. Check out the book Outliers: Stories of Success by Malcolm Gladwell…he talks about the world’s phenoms, and how they are created through a mixture of coincidence and years of hard work from a young age. Great book.

  22. He serves the people right! Thank you!

  23. PLEASE make a video about germs–germophobia, etc. THANK YOU, SIR!

  24. He is that’s for sure but he needs to give himself his time too! He is meant to be writing his ebook and having a break off making videos. Give him some tough love people!

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