1. That Goosey from TNW ?

  2. pob  tomatos

  3. Stuart Hogg ?

  4. lol stuart hogg hogging the ball

  5. First one was held up

  6. Fofana.. The best! =D

  7. Great tries and great videos. 🙂 Not sure if the music needed though – half the time you could barely hear it above the crowd. I've never really understood this need to put music over things where the sounds in the video speak for themselves, but maybe that's just me.

  8. What is the song's name?

  9. Love rugby play for mayfield

  10. BEAUTY!!!! amazing tries

  11. Make a 2014 montage video please! You're the best I've seen at video montages of tries, very good quality and good pick of tries.

  12. who the hell is the guy in pink?

  13. my sisters friends dad
     is eddie butler

  14. That scotland try was amazing!

  15. not sure why that scottish bloke's try got a replay but not folau's, holy wow that try was good i could watch it 100 times

  16. Woohoo Crusaders!

  17. more of that

  18. I remember a few years ago when Bryan Habana's intercept tries would dominate lists like these.. I guess you can't keep your form forever..

  19. South Africa is ranked 2nd in the world as a rugby nation yet does not feature in this video. The person who made this video seems very biased.

  20. Morahan gets my pick for try of the year 2013, hands down

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