1. Japan's try against Scotland

  2. Stop with shit music

  3. Why this crap music? The video is cool, but the music is unbearable!

  4. Coz France is shit???

  5. Second song don't know it want it plz

  6. Get rid of the EDM. No place in rugby for that crap

  7. I play rugby

    Do u?

  8. The French try?!

  9. I will remember to tuhmbs up

  10. Where's the try from France?!

  11. yeah wheres the french fries?

  12. and france?? there is no tries but they scored around 11 trie

  13. good year for Argentina?

  14. C'mon one for scotland this vids a load of rubbish and none from france?

  15. France hater?

  16. and the France

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