1. I have to say I miss Rawn :(

  2. I don’t know wether you remember me but i did a 65 day juice fast
    I’ve lost 80lb all together, not I’m doing my first half marathon
    Thats due to watching shay change his life

    Id show you a pic, but i can’t on here.

    I respect you shay, you are just trying to be something we all want to be.

  3. I’ll film for you, as long as you use the ad revenue for that video for
    UNICEF, and not for your income. 

  4. i feel as if you haven’t even taken this marathon seriously, considering
    you needed to be sponsored to enter, you haven’t been putting whats
    required, preparation wise, i feel as you are taking the position you’re in
    for granted.

  5. 1:52 – 2:03 shows what kind of person Shay has become.

  6. I’m sorry about your loss Carlie. My condolences. 

  7. Today is my 20th birthday! 😀 lol Good luck with the marathon, Shay.

  8. wow what a surprise. him taking the training more seriously with only a
    month to go. and another yo yo diet coming. yeah he’s going to get hurt

  9. SHay you too fat to run the marathon in a month,. Not enough time to train.
    You gonna get killed

  10. That chick in the car looks like Iggy Azalea.

  11. Is anyone going to watch the marathon? I live in New Jersey and I’m about
    15 min drive into the city. I have nobody to go with 🙁 anyone want to be
    in a super group type thing where we all meet up and route for shay?!?:) 

  12. Okay wait I will actually be at the marathon. Around the half way point. I
    need to know if you actually need a fancy camera. I have a camera that is
    like a vlog camera. Will that do? 

  13. VERY EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THE TEAM!!! Can’t wait for New York!

  14. I just ran a 5k today, and i got a personal record of 2 mintues ^-^

  15. Shay you could set up some live tracking thing for people to see how far
    along you are on the marathon route so that they’re ready to record when
    you come along. Otherwise it would probably be pretty hard to guess when
    you’ll be going past, especially when there will be so many people running

  16. Is he going to use the same mouth that bite carlie’s foot to kiss his wife
    and children?

  17. I’m gonna be running it too! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

  18. hi shay im mia and i love your videos. I would love to see you in the New
    York. I also live in New York. The problem is i am visiting with my dad in
    georiga and i have always wanted to see you and i dont know when im coming
    back up to New York. My friends say that they have met you but now your of
    course am not up there when you will be there. If you can will you tell me
    what i should do shay i really want to meet you and your family. -Mia

  19. Carlie thinks she has a hard life. Running everyday and “working” one day a
    week is a joke and living off Shay’s fame.

  20. In Liam Neeson’s taken voice…”good Luck”

  21. Annie should make a few pieces of jewelry with the your logo and I’ll buy
    it 🙂 

  22. I’m hopefully going to try and go, I’d love to meet you and your family and
    Ron!!!! are you guys bringing all the shaytards out to NYC like grandmatard
    and grandpatard?!

  23. how much money is there for you ..talking fast trough it dosnt make it good
    or remove shadiness from it ,,2 major problems here and in every vlog
    …you talk fast to hide what you are fighting …and you talk fast to hide
    what you know is sick to do …keep extracting money from fools ,,i hope it
    will make your sole settle ..and im sure it will not ..it just keep
    building and building till it will explode on your family and children
    ..***entrepreneur of the year ***and fagg ..now i know only faggs can make
    it ..still watching ..and watch out every slip is a comment that hit your

  24. Take the car keys away from your friend, Jarvey (however you spell his
    name). You are in the mountains, it’s raining, and Jarvey has his hands
    off the wheel taking pictures. Be safe, Shay, you are the father of five
    kids!! Good luck with your training. — Terri Johnson

  25. I’m training for a half marathon in December. Just joined a new running
    group and I love it. I think it will make my training as well as race day
    that much better. May the course be with you!

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