1. I’ve became a disciple.

  2. Awesome video..Real good!!

  3. I love listening to him talk! Soooo tranquil!

  4. New environmentalist running organisation in London – please share:

  5. Not digging the lame French rap, but other than that, awesome vid

  6. thnx!!! appreciate it!!!!

  7. Hahah! I don’t even know what most of those things do… But I’m guilty of using a HRM and a GPS (and 5 months ago I bought a camelback I never used, but plan on using it on some trail run soon) and I can honestly say that without those toys, I wouldn’t have run 2 km… They kept me interested until I got addicted. In four weeks I’ll ran a Half-M, hopefully in under 1:45. And Tony Krupicka reminds more of Jim Morrison.

  8. Anyone know what shoes he’s using?

  9. “I run 10 kms in 1 hour.”

    That’s about my speed… and it got me injured because I had no idea what I was doing, LOL. Now I know better and try things like you’re saying.

  10. the most true ever!

  11. My favorite part is the part where he is running….

  12. 2 things: Dont assume he went out for 4 hours or so!
    thing no.2: If you hydrate properley before hand, along with his effieciency, probably has a low sweat rate, and due to the amount of running he does, he’s conditioned himself to a point where hes not wasting a single calorie or drop of fluid in his body.
    Also, alot of people tend to overhydrate when running, which as you may or may not know can be even worse than dehydration..
    answer based on the scientific study of.. well.. educated guess!

  13. How is that he has nothing to drink I dont get it

  14. Run Jesus run

  15. Just jog… when you’re tired, walk fast, untill you want to run again… do it so for cca 20-30 minutes… next day do it again and try to run a bit longer and walk a bit shorter time.. when you feel too tired, take 1 day without running, only walk, ride bicycle etc.next week try to do it so for 30-40 minutes and do shorter and shorter “walking inlays”… after such 2-3 weeks, when you do eat the right way, you’ll be able to run the whole time. I’ve done it so – now I run 10 kms in 1 hour.

  16. Try the couch to 5k program. It is amazing.

  17. ….and doesn’t all that hair create more drag?

  18. wow you took the work out of my mouth

  19. Your body cools by sweat evaporating from your skin. In high humidity conditions, the rate of evaporation slows down….that’s why you sometimes get drenched in sweat. The slow rate of evaporation makes your body temperature rise…this has an effect on you both physically and mentally. It’s your body’s survival mechanism and it will cause you to slow down.

  20. Start slowly and listen to your body

  21. go to reddit.com/r/running/

  22. I’ve not ran since I was at school, and I was rubbish. Now I wanna run. I’m 21. How do I start?

  23. krupickas gait is more aesthetically pleasing than jureks

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