Willis Is Not Just A Star Runner

Willis might have earned maximum fame as a stellar runner but he is surely much more than that.

The Kiwi silver Olympic medalist & national-record holder is the crowning champion of Minneapolis, NY & Boston road miles. He has received much coveted Adidas sponsorship for Rio Olympics 2016 & is a much married dad of 10-month-old Lachlan, his son. Besides, along with Sierra, his better-half, Willis dons the role of co-director of August ten Track Classic Michigan that he devised in need of a chase prior to 2013 world championships.

The 31-year-old is originally a  high school 4:01 miler from Lower Hutt community who first hit the US soil for running at NY Armory Track and Field Center whilst he was in teens. He later attended the Michigan University 7 presently has his base at Ann Arbor.

Little did he knew ion his first American trip that how much multi-tentacled, glorious and prolonged his athletics career would be. “I kind of looked it as one single race momentarily in my earlier days”, said Willis. “There were opportunities one  after another which really excited me & I wished to have everything possible at the earliest.”

He & Nate Brannen- the Canadian Olympian & Nick’s college teammate who would be at track Classic Michigan this time – were roomies prior to a meeting at the Penn State region when one among the two asked the other-“hey do you feel that it is possible to run at a pro level? If you can what would you make of it?”

“I just felt that if I can somehow make 30,000 USD a year that would be adequate enough to cover up every expense & we won’t have to spend our days at basement anymore & then I would be able to train & race. It has been my goal always”, Willis added in.

Well, he has certainly lived up to his goal.