1. I want a marriage like theirs

  2. i’d have pulled my glock on that orange hat nobody.

  3. I mean yea, the stupid security guard was doing his job, but really???!!!!he didn’t have to be so mean!!!! SHAYTARDS FTW!!!!!!!

  4. woaah serious guy hahaha (security guard) i know he’s just doing his job but… yooo haha

  5. True but he could’ve been nicer…..instead of yell at Shay…

  6. Great job, Mommytard. You’re awesome!

  7. No please or thank you? What a fizz-nit of an officer! 🙁

  8. That whole time shay kept calling that woman bro and dude! talk about awkward! haha

  9. shay, not to be offensive, but do you have stretch marks from being so overweight?

  10. Was that Tom Cruise @ 0:20

  11. Press pause at 2:28 that’s a girl in the back and and shaytards called her a him. Akward

  12. thumbs up if you would like to see the security guard and shay getting in a fight.

  13. and docent he know shaycarl is famous people sometimes!

  14. i hate sucurity gards he was like get back over there now!

  15. Who actually dislikes this video? What was to dislike about it? I just think people dislike it for no real reason, just to be first or to see how far they can stretch the red line.

  16. that security is an old douchebag from the 70’s

  17. Shay, send this message to Colette please! The reason she might have hurting knees is because of how she is running and landing on her feet. In the slow mo of the finish I could clearly see her heel-striking it. This can cause many problems with joints and everything. Go online and research barefoot or minimalist running methods. A good shoe brand would be Vibrams, but there are many others. These shoes(or bare feet) help you to correct your way of landing on the foot(mid-foot or fore-foot).

  18. Does the San Francisco FFULL MARATHON MEDAL still double as a coaster?

  19. Collette looks stoned lol.

  20. But he could of said it a tad bit nicer…. Not so mean

  21. “he’s yelling at me…” I ALMOST POOPED OF LAUGHTER

  22. was a mthrrfukrr :@ :/ …

  23. That security guard is an ass haha

  24. i tried training for my first race but i hurt my hip very bad. :(

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